Arts-Management Apprenticeship

Professional development training for emerging arts-managers. 

How do we make the arts accessible to everyone by exploring, unpacking, dismantling and rebuilding the systems that put us on an unsustainable path?
Arts-Mangers are the producers, administrators, fundraisers, marketers (and much more) that keep the arts-community thriving! We actively work to build a pipeline of diverse arts-leaders that challenge the status quo and support work that is reflective of the communities they serve. 


Meet our 2019 Apprentices!

Teddy Drummond

Teddy Drummond is a rising senior at Hofstra University majoring in Mass Media Studies with a Drama Minor. He has performed in over 40 plays and musicals, and enjoys writing, acting, singing, and working with people on new artistic projects. He loves learning about the process of arts management through hands-on work, attending performances, and making new connections with people with similar interests and goals. He’s lived in Massachusetts all his life but is excited to experience Boston’s art community in a more active way than ever before.

Joe Lutter

Joe Lutter 20” orignates from Worcester, Massachusetts. He is currently a student entering his senior year at the University of Hartford, studying Performing Arts Management. There he participates in several university and outside organizations to further the arts in and around the area of Hartford Connecticut. As the Events and Booking Coordinator for the university student record label, he actively sets up events on campus to provide performance opportunities for the diverse student body. Since his sophomore year, he has worked as a member of Hartford indie label Funnybone Records, working shows and assisting in the marketing and promotions of its artists. At home, Joe works to benefit emerging artists around Worcester, through his self-started screen printing company by designing and printing merchandise for local artists. After graduation, Joe has plans to move to New York City in search of opportunities to further his music industry experience and career.

Ryan Ott

Ryan Ott is a ​student at the Crane Institute for Music Business, with a focus on music products in the modernized music industry, along with developing skill sets in musicianship, business and social media.​ Ryan walked this spring of 2019, and is continuing to hone his skills of arts and arts management with an internship at Dunamis in Boston, MA. Ryan’s prior employment history features a unique blend of trades, sales, business, and music etiquette.

Whether you need advice about your art, how and where to start, or just want to have a conversation with someone about your future come chat with one of us! We also help ...
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