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Arts-Management Apprenticeship

Professional development training for emerging arts-managers of color. 

What does it mean to be an arts-manager? What type of arts-manager do you want to be?  

Whether its serving as lead-producer on a Young Artist Mixer, creating engaging digital content, empowering high-school aged students, interviewing arts-leaders or working with our partners across the city, our paid summer apprenticeship will provide hands-on learning in marketing, event production, and cultural programming that will give you the experience you need to succeed!  Apprentices will be compensated biweekly for their work and provided with travel stipends- giving you the freedom and availability to fully experience the opportunities the arts have to offer. 

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Once you have completed the Arts-Management track of the Dunamis Life Cycle you will...

Have understanding and experience in what space you would like to hold within the creative industry.

Have developed and produced your own work.

Have developed strong professional and personal bonds with other creatives in the city.

Use your positions to increase access for other POC arts-managers to succeed.


"Overall, my experience as an Arts Management Apprentice at Dunamis this summer has so far been extremely beneficial, and I feel lucky to be a part of it."

— Arts Management Apprentice, '18


One community member will be granted a 6-month fellowship  where we help them produce original work/projects of their own design!


Life Cycle Next Steps: Consultations, Y.A.M.S

2023 Apprentices

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Jessica Hernandez

Jessica is interested in sound as a mode of study, thought, and critique. She is drawn to dance oriented works and experimental forms of electronic music that not only challenge listeners through discordant arrangements and visceral rhythms, but also through their methods of world-building. Through this apprenticeship, Jessica hopes to develop skills that will allow her to support queer and trans artists of color who push the boundaries of dance music as well as those who incorporate experimentation and research-based practices in their work. With a better understanding of arts management, she aspires to create a program that offers workshops, skill shares, and funding to complete sound related projects. Jessica DJs, produces, and hosts Project One on WBCA 102.9FM.


Mary Orji

Mary Orji is a multi-instrumentalist creative shape shifter from Endicott, NY. Her main voice can be heard from the tenor saxophone and poetry. She is inspired musically and compositionally  by the works of many artists such as Alice Coltrane and Grover Washington to name a few. Her music is to express her love for the higher power by evoking into the ancestors through fuses of poems with music, rhythm, freeness and tapping into the collective consciousness of the universe to bring healing and light to anyone that listens. She is currently a graduate of Berklee College of music and is a multifaceted creative mastermind taking on different roles of being creative by being a creative director to big projects, a wardrobe stylist and overall a business woman who loves the music industry and artist development.


Jillian Yum (Tisch Fellow)

Jillian (Jill) Yum (She/Her) is a rising senior at Tufts University majoring in Anthropology and Science, Technology, and Society (STS). She is a 2023 Tisch Summer Fellow at Dunamis. Jillian was born and raised in Philadelphia, where she first fell in love with organizing through knocking on doors for local and national political campaigns. In high school, she interned with art and history studio, Monument Lab and RAE Consulting, where she worked closely with social justice philanthropies and arts non-profit organizations. In Jillian’s work with Dunamis, she aims to embody and carry on the wisdom, compassion, and spirit of the artists, organizers, and friends she worked and learned with, in Philadelphia and now Boston.

2022 Apprentice Vlogs

Take a trip down memory lane with our apprentices as they share their experiences over the summer! Each apprentice gives us a day in the life at Dunamis!

AMA Vlogs

AMA Vlogs

Natalie Halsey Vlog

PorchFest Vlog- Tiaira Council

Spilling the Sap: Day In the Life as an AMA for Dunamis, Inc!

DeShaun Gordon-King: Spilling the Sap Vlog

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