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Spilling the sap: adela

My apprenticeship went well. I’ve gotten the chance to witness the behind the scenes of event planning through the preparations for JP Porchfest and got the chance to even try it out for myself by playing a supporting role in said preparations. Through the capstone project we were assigned to indulge in our interests and plan a way to bring them to life in a way that would enrich the community and its inhabitants. I was able to pinpoint a topic I felt deeply about and encouraged to come up with a plan that would facilitate the upbringing of said topic. In the end I decided to plan a one day book reading event titled “Read The Cultures”.

The purpose of this event would be to expose children to other cultures through literature so that they may become more aware of all the things the world has to offer while simultaneously embedding the understanding and respect towards other cultures. Doing research for this project made me feel even more invested in my topic because it reinforced my initial thoughts - if we are exposed to different cultures and stories at early ages we become more open minded and understanding to the world around us. The hope is that if we start this exchange at an early age, the result would reveal into a respectful society that benefits from all the riches each different culture has to offer. All in all, my time with Dunamis has been a great experience and has helped me learn a bit more about myself in the process, so even though my time as an intern has come to an end I’ll be taking the lessons I’ve learned with me!

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