Emerging Artist Fellowship

Professional development training for emerging artists of color. 

So you want to make a career in the arts? You're talented, but do you know how to file taxes, get gigs, build websites, or how to copyright original content you've created?


If you're searching for a creative community, passionate about creating any type of art, unsure how to navigate the industry and need a dedicated and supportive team to help you discover and develop your identity as an artist, then you've come to the right place.


There's a lot an artist needs to know in order to thrive. But don't worry, we've got you covered!

Once you have completed the Emerging Artist-Fellowship track of the Dunamis Life Cycle you will...

Have the skill-sets to be able to confidently and intelligently navigate within the arts community.

Have deep clarity concerning your unique artistic voice and produced your own work.

Have developed strong professional and personal bonds with other creatives in the city.

Use your positions to increase access for other P.O.C artists to succeed.


" I learned how to better represent myself as an artist. I am able to speak on my artistry through my artist's statement and advocate for my abilities via my artist's resume. I have a better grasp on my finances, and a system in place to better my mental health."

— Cohort Member, '18


*3-Month Sessions, One 2-Day Weekend Intensive Per Month

*4 Hours of Individual Consultation

*Special Guests & Events

*Capstone Project

Fall Module: "Exploring Artistry" September-November

Spring Module: "Artistry in Action" March-May


Once you've completed both modules, apply to be our artist-in-residence! One community member will be granted a 6-month fellowship where we help them produce an original work/project devised during the "Artistry in Action" Module.   


Life Cycle Next Steps: Artist-In-Residence, Consultations, Y.A.M.S