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What did I wish I knew?  Does anybody else struggle with this? Why did nobody tell me it would be like this?

Artists are entrepreneurs, and it requires the best of our business skills to carve out successful careers. But what about the real, human challenges we face as we strive to bring art into the world? How do we get to the heart behind the hustle?


Dunamis’ Alison Wade Masterclass Series invites creative entrepreneurs of all disciplines to share the hard and human lessons, challenges and successes they’ve faced on their road to artistic excellence.

Hear from Allison Wade herself! 

Allison Wade Masterclass Series Introduction

Allison Wade Masterclass Series Introduction

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This season of the Allison Wade Masterclass Series has concluded, but the conversations live on! Check out the accompanying podcast hosting by our own J and Neo where they dive into the lives, careers, struggles, and dreams of female BIPOC artists working at the tops of their fields.

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