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Young Artist Mixer Series

How do we provide a space for young creatives to connect and move their work forward in a relaxed social environment?

How can we get energized to experience our city’s thriving art’s scene?
At our Mixers, we bring together Boston's emerging artists for a night of fun and connection. Join us for our House Sessions in partnership with Meraki Productions and other special events!
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House Sessions are back for another beautiful season of storytelling! Season four will be exploring the theme of connections. Connections between people, songs, experiences, dreams and more. Sam Adams Brewery will be our host this season, and we are excited to be back in JP, where our story began.


For our second installment, we welcome all singers, singer-songwriters, rappers, spoken-word artists, and dancers to come and share their stories with us during our next open mic on Friday, June 16.


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