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\dew-nah-miss\ n
. the capacity to be in a different and more completed state.

Dunamis ignites agency and transformative growth for emerging artists and arts-managers of color by serving as a nexus for professional development, community-building, consultation, production, advocacy and developing equitable pipelines for access and leadership in creative spaces. We give you the support you need to grow into a greater and more complete version of yourself.

Check out our "Dunamis Life Cycle" below and see where you fit!
 How Will YOU Grow With Us?

Whether it's one consultation, one event, or one program, learn how to move through the Dunamis model in the way that makes the most sense for you! 



You Are:

  • Searching for a creative community.

  • Passionate about creating art.

  • Unsure how to navigate the creative industry.

  • Need clarity in discovering artistic identity/perspective.


  • How do we train and empower professionally-competent emerging artists of color?

  • How do we build diverse audiences and develop patrons of the arts?

  • How do we construct a pipeline of diverse, visionary arts-managers?

  • How can we increase Boston’s relevance as a cultural hub that both attracts and retains talented artists?


  • Possess clear vision of artistic identity/perspective.

  • Develop & produce work/lead organization and companies.

  • Use positions to increase access and opportunities for other creatives of color.



Suggested Programs: Dunamis Alumni Network, Consultations



You Are:

  • Developing clarity on artistic identity/perspective.

  • Able to comfortably navigate within the arts community.

  • Establishing strong personal and professional bonds with local creatives of color.

Suggested Programs: Artist-In-Residence, Consultations

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