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Spilling the sap: Ariana

Hi everyone! It’s Ariana-Jade Sadhana Dotty Odwara checking in for my sixth week of Dunamis Boston’s Arts Management.

It’s unreal to even be typing that out right now. It definitely does not feel like it’s been six weeks; time is going by so fast. It feels like just last week I was introducing myself to everyone. Since then I have made more than 6 graphics for Porchfest, and have contacted over 50 companies for sponsorship. Along with that, I am an inch away from completing my capstone project. Creating a capstone for something that I am passionate about, and being able to open our minds and create a program outline has opened my eyes to how management works.This is especially true when it came to the budgeting and marketing aspect of it; both things that before Dunamis I hadn't had any real experience with.

Before entering Dunamis, I knew that I wanted to be a creative director. What I didn't have was the experience that I needed to get there. Dunamis has given me the opportunity to really get a feel for what it’s like to work within the industry of art management. Before Dunamis, I had no experience when it came to designing graphics for events, nor experience when it came to reaching out and contacting big companies and asking for their contribution in sponsoring an event like Porchfest. I have been able to get an idea of the workload, and what is expected of me when it comes to being an art manager. A lot of time was put into creating spreadsheets for potential and designs that were visually appealing and informative. I always feel some type of accomplishment after I finish a task that was given. That’s really what the Dunamis experience has been for me; an accomplishment.

Joining Dunamis has definitely been an experience that I never knew I needed. It has helped me so far to recognize the stage I am at and what I need to do to overcome periods of difficulty in communities and myself. It has been more than an honor to work with a program like Dunamis that helps me comprehend the sort of thinking I need to have when getting into the arts management industry. Having a support team such as the one that I have within Dunamis has really helped me grow and develop from the acorn that I joined Dunamis as, to the Oak tree that I am becoming. As my time with Dunamis is quickly coming to an end, I look forward to learning and experiencing more within the “walls” of Dunamis and getting closer to becoming the Oak Tree that I shall grow to be.

Until Next Time!

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