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Spilling the sap: rauliz

Hey everyone! It’s Rauliz Tamarez Paez checking in for my fifth week of Dunamis Boston’s Arts Management.

With joining Dunamis I’ve been feeling pretty good about the experience I’ve had so far. Since I feel like I’m putting myself out there and trying to understand my creative process by making the most out of the time I have over here. While I am working I have people around me who are very supportive in helping me to brainstorm on projects and ideas that I hope to one day complete. Through the apprenticeship, I’ve also been very lucky to work with StageSource and being able to have the ability to connect more with more of the theater scene in Boston, and getting to create a network in the theater business that’s present here. From the two programs I've been a part of my marketing skills have grown so much from before and now I have a basis to jump off of in my future.

Working with Dunamis has been very beneficial in helping me understand the kind of mindset that I need to be put in. From self-advocacy and mental awareness, it’s helped me so far in seeing the kind of state I’m in and how to overcome moments of hardship that can happen within communities and myself. From what I’ve developed of my capstone so far with Dunamis I hope to create more community spaces. Such as a YMCA of Arts and Entertainment to help create more unity and being able to create a peaceful and open environment for communities.

Until next time!

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