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Spilling The Sap Final Reflections: Serge

Hey Everyone it's Serge and I am checking in for the final week of Dunamis.

I am upset that this great internship has come to an end. I've learned so much about myself as an artist and as a musician. I am really grateful for what I’ve learned from my experience here. This week was a highlight for me specifically because it is the week where I finally hosted my Y.A.M.S event, and got to present my passion project. 

On Thursday 8/13, I hosted the final Y.A.M.S of the summer “Freaky Friday, But on a Thursday” and it had such a great turn out! I picked a group of diverse youth artists within the Boston Area and I am so grateful to have had Cassie Beauburn aka HuesByKC, Jay Connolly, Mika Cook Wright, Deniece Woodrard, Meera Singh, and Micaela Leon lead the participants through various activities to get these artists to feel creative in different aspects they are not used to. About 25 participants came through that night and I am very glad for the positive reaction it has gotten. 

The next day was Dave, Alexis, and I’s passion project presentation. Within the six weeks we have been working together, we have been brainstorming and creating a blueprint for our passion projects. My project specifically was about how to market myself as a musical artist and how to promote my art and put myself out there. So I talked about how I would want to put on a small concert at a local venue to promote my art in the community. It went well, but they didn't think I needed a venue for about 200 people lol.  

Long story short, this was probably hands down the most stressful week of my Dunamis career, but honestly everything at the end was worth it because it gave me a taste on what I will be working with in the next few years. Thank you. 


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