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An intensive combination of our Green Mile and A.M.A programs, the Summer Series brings together a cohort of 10-15 young artists for workshops, social events, consultations and the development of their own artistic projects.


We've also partnered with organizations to hire young people for the summer to support the cohort by developing their own arts-management skills.


Summer Series Schedule (Tuesdays @ 6:30) 

Cohort Launch-June 12

Money, Money, Money- June 19th 

Game Night- June 26th 

JP Porchfest- July 7th (Saturday 1-5)

Artistic Identity- July 10th 

TV Industry Masterclass/Q&A- July 17th 

Wellness- July 24th 

Hackathon- August 7th 

Retreat Weekend- August 11/12th 

Audition Workshop- August 21 

End of Summer Presentation- August 28th 

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