We are facing an unprecedented moment; one that easily, (and to a degree reasonably) causes fear and anxiety. While caution and vigilance are of the utmost importance, we believe that finding ways to stay connected with each other, and create moments of joy are tantamount to getting through this together. 

Along with uplifting emerging artists and arts-managers of color, part of Dunamis' mission is to create community and help build a deep respect and appreciation for Boston's arts-sector.  So we asked ourselves, "How might we build connections, uplift our community and create moments of joy through a 100% virtual medium?" The answer is YOU! 

For Artists:

Virtual paint night? Sisterhood of the Traveling Song? Socially Responsible (Family-Friendly) Twerking in the Digital Age? What ideas do you have? Let us know and we'll find an audience for you, serve as your technological intermediary and pay you $100 bucks to make it happen. 

For Arts-Mangers: 

We are the problem solvers, the doers, and the behind-the-scenes makers of magic. As our friend from "Taken" said, "I can tell you I don't have money, but what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career." If you want to keep those skills sharp and indulge your competitive nature, join our Virtual Tournament of Champions: a multi-day interactive competition showcasing your knowledge of Boston's arts resources, your prolific adaptability and strength under pressure, and unparalleled innovative creativity. After each round of competition we'll have a virtual discussion about our shared experiences as arts managers and get to know each other a little better! When it's all over, you get bragging rights and $150 bucks. 

Yes, we are facing an unprecedented moment. 

Let's rise up to meet it with a spring in our step, a song in our heart, and seeds of joy for anyone who wants them. 

Email: info@dunamisboston.org 617-202-3125

Mailing Address: 7 Avenue De Lafayette, Unit 121010

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