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Spilling The Sap Week 2: Dave

Follow our Apprentices as they take their journey with us this summer! The views of our Apprentices are their own, are based on their own experiences and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or views of Dunamis. Check it out!

It's Dave. Checking in for week 2 of our Arts Management Apprenticeship term!

free your mind

I'm an oboist of afro-caribbean descent studying the oboe in Boston! I just completed my undergrad at The New England Conservatory and it was in the cards for me to spend my summer work as an Arts Management Apprentice at Dunamis this summer. I aspire to create innovative educational concerts that highlight the beauty and majesty of Black and Brown music, history, and culture. I aspire to build an organization that will provide the support, resources, and networks that young black kids in conservatory need to thrive and not survive. To win and not spin. The right to choose, not to lose. I want to help create a world of Black creators and entrepreneurs. A world where black people are economically empowered and have the support systems they need. I came to these revelations through crisis turned to triumph. It’s for that reason why I applied to work at Dunamis.

To be able to use my privileges to empower people who look like me to manifest their dreams into reality is one of my reasons for being. The past few weeks have been a time where my imaginative capabilities have been challenged the most. I'm finding more and more that I place limits and inhibitors on my thoughts, dreams, and ideas before they ever leave my mouth! I'm in a place where I've challenged myself to unlearn that behavior. Working with the Dunamis team, they've been pushing me to think and dream with the most vivid, high-resolution, and unhindered detail. What I find interesting is that I came on board thinking to improve a few of my administrative skills and gain great networks but I’m learning that those skills and resources won’t mean much if my mind isn't free to ideate!

We’re still at the beginning of our term, but I think it’s fair to say that this apprenticeship is going to be one of the keys to unlock the door to my future. I dream of opening up an organization of my own dedicated to producing media for musicians of color. I’m well on my way, excited for more!

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