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Hello! My name is Ryan, one of the summer apprentices at Dunamis. We have had the chance to see and talk to many people throughout the summer, as well as attend community arts festivals throughout Boston! It has been such a privilege for us to be guided in such a way that helps us grow as arts advocates and artist managers.
One event that I'm especially proud of is JP Porchfest. We were honored to host a porch for the second time this year, offering several different performances, information booths about Dunamis, and an environment for people to mingle. We had some of our very own from Dunamis attend and perform during this event as well! It was an awesome opportunity to engage with the community and spread awareness about our work.
The AMA’s also recently had the opportunity to meet and interview Jazzmin Bonner. Jazzmin is the Senior Company Manager for The Huntington Theatre. The organization is 37 years old, and has recently transitioned into not only hosting theatre projects, but now also rents out space to others in need for other accommodations during their off seasons, nethertheless filling in the gaps whenever they can to boost revenues. Jazzmin provided a great opportunity to learn more about artist management and the management of nonprofits. She also offered insight and tips towards our future careers within the arts industry.
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