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Arts Management Apprenticeship 2022 Description

What does it mean to be an arts-manager? What type of arts-manager do you want to be?  

​ Whether its serving as lead-producer on a Young Artist Mixer, creating engaging digital content, empowering high-school aged students, interviewing arts-leaders or working with our partners across the city, our paid summer apprenticeship will provide hands-on learning in marketing, event production, and cultural programming that will give you the experience you need to succeed!  Apprentices will be compensated biweekly for their work and provided with travel stipends- giving you the freedom and availability to fully experience the opportunities the arts have to offer.


Job Description:

The Arts Management Apprenticeship is designed to support, train and nurture emerging arts managers of color based in Boston. This is a paid opportunity for people of color to build tangible work experience and establish professional connections to move their careers forward.  Throughout your time with us, you will participate in workforce/professional development workshops, have one-on-one consultations with team members, work as assistant producers for Jamaica Plain Porchfest and develop your own individual capstone projects. 


In light of COVID-19, this internship has been designed to be both in person and virtual.  More details will come as we receive information to remain in compliance with local guidelines. 


Responsibilities include:


  • Organizing Jamaica Plain Porchfest- An event that builds community – across the divides of race, class, culture and immigrant status – through the power of the arts. You will have the chance to bring this festival to life through the roles that will include but are not limited to: Production Assistant, Project Support, Marketing Assistant, Volunteer Liaison and Communications Assistant.​


  • Professional Development Workshops - you will join the Dunamis team for professional development workshops designed exclusively for you.


  • Weekly One-On-Ones- you will meet with a Dunamis team member to have open discussions on your goals and experiences within the apprenticeship, and help you plan for your future.


  • Capstone Project- you will design an organization, program or institution from the ground up. They will identify a  problem to solve and outline a plan to build up equity, diversity, and access from the start.


  • Administrative Support- you will assist the Dunamis team and attend our weekly staff-meetings. 


Learning Outcomes

  • Have understanding and experience in what space you would like to hold within the creative industry.


  • Have developed and produced your own work.


  • Have developed strong professional and personal bonds with other creatives in the city.


  • Use your positions to increase access for other POC arts-managers to succeed.



July 6th - August 31st 

20-25 hours a week



Stipend of $1,500 for the summer. We can also assist with transportation in the form of bus passes.


How to apply:

Please fill out our google form application. Please email any questions or concerns to Jasmine Garcia, or Eliza Malecki,


For more information about Dunamis, visit our website here


Applications Due:

May 30th, 2022

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