The Green Mile:

Who: Performing artists aged 16-25


What: Artists that join the Green Mile program will learn practical professional development skills, network with other artists, and be empowered to navigate as professional artists.


How: Participants will attend workshops, summits, fun social events, personalize their learning goals, with the opportunity to mount and present their own showcases at the end of the program.


-Have the skill-sets to be able to confidently and intelligently navigate within the arts community.

- Working successfully and continuously within the local arts community, and abroad.

Whether you need advice about your art, how and where to start, or just want to have a conversation with someone about your future come chat with one of us! We also help ...
1 hr
1 hr Free, then $25

Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: @dunamisboston

Email: 617-302-3125

Mailing Address: 7 Avenue De Lafayette, Unit 121010

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