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Here at Dunamis we believe in Aristotle's philosophy of potentiality: the ability to look at something and see not only what it is, but also what it has the potential to become. His most famous example was that of the acorn; something small and fragile that is simultaneously the strong and mighty oak tree. Our work is about helping young artists and arts-managers find their inner oak trees. We do this in two ways:   


Step 1

First we train high-school and college aged students to develop their business skills with our unique, engaging, and informative-but-never-boring workshops and summits. Our partners teach young people how to dance, act and make music, but we teach them how to negotiate pay, represent themselves, and attain and successfully navigate professional artistic careers. To learn more about our workshops and our incentive program called "The Green Mile"click here.

Step 2

But what about those of us who are drawn to the artistic work off the stage? The event planners, administrators, workshop leaders, and marketing pros? We've still got you covered. All of Dunamis' events are produced and designed by our Arts Management Apprentices: paid employees ages 16-25 that receive training in arts management. Click here to learn more about our unique Apprenticeship. 

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